30 June 2010

Hello Plus a Discount Code!

I'll do an intro post later but I wanted to start by telling anyone who reads this about a great deal on baby stuff. Granola Babies has quickly become one of my new favorite online stores because of their great selection. They always offer free shipping on orders to the US and they have an awesome "Loyalty Earnings" program that automatically gives you back 5% of whatever you spend to put toward future purchases.

They have several top brands of wraps [another topic which I'll probably discuss a million times on here] and cloth diapers, which can add up in costs quickly [although they're still thousands of dollars cheaper than using disposables] so it's great to get money back and not have to pay for shipping. Personally, I get really pissed off when I order just a few things and the shipping is like $15.

Anyway, Granola Babies just started an affiliate program so if you click here and buy things from their site, you not only get a discount on your first order [I'm getting to that] and 5% back, but I also get credit for referring you! I'm sure you don't care about that part but you can also sign up to be an affiliate and refer people yourself.

Anyway, the discount applies to first-time orders and gets you $7 off a $75+ order. The code is NEW4147 and I haven't seen anything about an expiration so I assume it will be valid for a while. Happy shopping!
Granola Babies