13 September 2010

Nursing Pillow and Covers

This is inspired by another adorable Etsy find. I have heard for years that a nursing pillow is a must-have, even for those who don't plan to breastfeed because you can use it when the baby's older to prop him up [before he can sit on his own]. For my baby shower, I was very happy to receive a nursing pillow from one of my parents' friends. It's cute but the pattern and colors were kind of loud and I almost always keep everything plain so I started looking for some covers for it. Oh and also, I imagine they get all kinds of gross things all over them so it can't be a bad idea to have a couple of covers on hand.

My nursing pillow is not made by Boppy so I was unsure if the Boppy covers would fit. The pillow manufacturer never answered my email regarding the size -rude!- so when I was at Target one day and they had the cream organic Boppy cover [very soft, I recommend it],I figured I'd try it. It fit! I guess there is some sort of standard size for nursing pillows, which is very convenient because I came across Lauren Grace's Etsy store where she sells custom nursing pillow covers.

The owner, Karen, makes them to fit a Boppy so once I knew that would fit, I contacted her to see if she still had the alphabet flannel I had seen in one of her listings. She did, but just enough for one side. I already knew I had to have it, so I asked her to set up a custom listing for one cover with pale blue on the back. She doesn't have the original listing up at this time [just convo her for a custom listing] and obviously she could change her prices at any point, but when I ordered she told me it would cost $5 for one cover or $8 for two plus $6 priority shipping.

I just wanted one for now [to alternate with the Boppy cover] so my total was only $11. I could hardly wait to get my cover and see how cute the fabric was in person, so her fast shipping was helpful. I don't know how she even sewed it that quickly! Here's the finished product:

I'm already contemplating ordering another one but making myself wait until the baby is here [I think]. Karen has an assortment of cute printed and solid fabrics [I'm sure she will send you photos of them if you ask] from which to choose, so if you're in need of a cute shower gift or an additional cover for yourself, check out her store! You can't beat her prices. Thanks to this cover, I am now even more excited to use my pillow once my baby gets here!

Note: I just wanted to add that these covers are zippered, unlike many other slip-on styles I found when browsing Etsy. That definitely makes a difference for me!

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