15 December 2010

Wipes Warmer

I didn't plan on using a wipes warmer because I think sometimes they can be unnecessary. However, I decided to get one after having an October baby [meaning lots of winter diaper changes coming up] and realizing that it would also help with keeping cloth wipes wet.

I didn't really like using a bottle of water or wipes solution to wet each wipe when I needed to change her so I ordered the Prince Lionheart Warmies Wipes Warmer:
 Prince Lionheart Warmies Wipes Warmer
I can't believe how easy it is to fold the clean wipes, wet them with water, and throw them in to warm for future use. I have 40 flannel wipes that I got from a seller on Etsy [more about them in this post] and they work really well in it. A note: It comes with a spongy "pillow" that you're supposed to keep in the bottom and replace every few months. Well, it started to smell weird and once I threw away the pillow the smell went away.

I also use it when I give Bay a sponge bath every night on her changing pad. I wet two wash cloths and put them straight into the warmer so that by the time I need them they're still warm. I highly recommend it for anyone using cloth wipes and if you use disposable wipes, they have one for that, too!


  1. Oh Good! We got the Prince Lion Heart wipes warmer as a shower gift! Good to know it's useful and will come in handy! Just out of curiosity-the pillow/sponge thingy-are you supposed to keep that wet do you know??? The instructions weren't overly clear on that and I wasn't sure! Thanks =)

  2. I think you are supposed to keep it wet -at least that's what I got from the Amazon product reviews- so I re-wet it every few days. Definitely try it out, though, it may work better for you.

  3. Thanks!! We'll soon find out I guess - Our baby is due to arrive on the 23rd so once s/he makes his/her appearence we'll be in for lots of diaper changes! ;)