26 January 2011

Natursutten Pacifiers

I swore I wouldn't let Bay use a pacifier. I lied. I probably would have kept my promise if I could have walked or sat down for the first couple of weeks after she was born but she constantly wanted to be carried around and it hurt for me to move. That's when I gave in and gave her a pacifier. We had the Soothies silicone kind from the hospital but I wanted something that I knew was safe and natural so we got these.

We have used the orthodontic and rounded tips and now that my favorite [and our only local] natural baby store has closed, I have to get them online. There is honestly nothing I hate more than paying for shipping, especially for something really lightweight and small. I lucked out last night when I noticed that the Mini Social had Natursutten on sale in packs of 2 for $9.99. I ordered one set each of the orthodontic and rounded tips because I'm thinking it might make sense to keep changing it so she doesn't get accustomed to one or the other. Also, perhaps that will make weaning her off pacifiers in a few months easier? Probably not but it's worth a shot.

Just to show you how much my not-so-easy-to-please daughter loves hers, here is a picture of her a week or so ago while we were at a local [and very loud] sports bar:
Anyway, the shipping isn't too bad, $6.95 to the continental US and even with that, the pacifiers are cheaper than Amazon or anywhere else online. Then I did a Google search [as I almost always remember to do before checking out online] for "Mini Social coupon code" and found one for free shipping. Yay! I used the code, JAN11SHIP, and it went through, making the pacifiers $4.99 each, as opposed to around $10 in stores with tax.


  1. Thank you for mentioning Natursutten, my name is Valerie Lecoeur, I am the US distributor for Natursutten. I love the picture of your super cute baby with Natursutten. Check out our blog,, i post reviews on great organic baby products every week.

  2. Thank you and great blog! I am going to bookmark it and link to it on here. I have been meaning to buy glass straws for a while now so I will try those you featured.

    And, of course, if Natursutten wants someone to try out products, I'd be happy to do it :)