10 September 2011

Name Poll: Hazel vs Georgia vs Clementine

I'm not currently pregnant or adopting but I constantly think about and consider names for Bay's future siblings. Since Bayard was most popular in the 1800s and only rose to the top 1000 twice [in 1882 and 1884], I would prefer to choose names from the same time, but it seems a lot of my favorites are considered "hipster" baby names, which is not what I'm going for.

Nameberry's Hipster Name List

 The 3 girls names I'm thinking about today are Hazel, Georgia, and Clementine [the -tyne pronunciation, not -teen]. Hazel and Clementine obviously share a nature/ botanical theme with Bay [is it too cheesy?] while Bay and Georgia can both be found on a map. 

They are all old-fashioned names but Hazel and Georgia have come back in recent years. According to the SSA and Nancy, in 2010, Hazel was ranked #262 and given to 1232 babies, while Georgia ranked #326 and was bestowed upon 975 baby girls. Only 132 girls were named Clementine in 2010, so it is far from ranking in the top 1000. In popularity, Clementine is much more similar to Bayard. 

Here are the SSA rankings for all 3 names in 1884:

Hazel #122
Georgia #90
Clementine #523

I feel like they're all great names, but Hazel and Georgia's popularity scares me. I don't want any of my kids to be one of many in school or go by their last initial. That said, a lot of people don't really 'get' Clementine, so I also don't want to saddle my daughter with a name she hates. I'd appreciate it if you'd take the time to vote and/ or comment!


  1. You have great taste! ;) Georgia is currently our top name pick for a girl. I ADORE the name Hazel, but a good friend is naming her baby girl that so I don't want to also.

  2. Thanks! I love Hazel and it's a family name but I don't want to regret it if my daughter has another Hazel in her class someday. Georgia is so pretty, too. I don't think you can really go wrong with either :)