25 February 2011

Celebrity Babies and Moms: Natalie Portman

I think I learned who Natalie Portman was when I saw her in the movie Anywhere but Here. I would have been in 6th grade then. The next time I saw her was a year or so later in Where the Heart Is in which she played a pregnant teenager whose boyfriend left her in a WalMart, where she proceeded to give birth. Ever since then, I've been a fan of her movies and from everything I have read, she is an admirable person as well.
As Alice in the movie Closer
She is now a very well-known actress also recognized for her charity work and support for animal rights. This year, she is nominated [for the second time] for an Academy Award for her role in Black Swan. I'm so pissed that I haven't been able to see it yet but I have heard it's great and plan to see it soon. Perhaps the best news, though, is that Natalie recently joined several other celebrities in announcing she is pregnant. The father is her fiancé, Benjamin Millepied, who was a choreographer for Black Swan.
As Nina in Black Swan
At the 2011 SAG Awards
She is one of the few current pregnant celebrities who seems like she will make a terrific mother. From interviews I have seen and read, she comes across as a very socially conscious and caring person and I'm sure will instill that in her child. I'm definitely less interested in what she names her baby [though I imagine a classic name with at least some French influence] and more anxious to see how she is as a mom.


  1. i love your new layout, so much easier to read :)

    i love natalie portman, she is stunning!

  2. i agree, she is gorgeous. and thank you- i should have changed it a long time ago!

  3. she is so fantastic. did you see how wonderful she looked last night at the oscars?

  4. She no longer eats vegan. She said something about as a result of being pregnant she just wants to eat differently... Or something. It made me really sad to see that. I still think she's pretty great though.

  5. lela, i read that. it's a little discouraging but i still think she's a good animal activist and role model. hopefully she will go back to animal-free after she has the baby.