23 February 2011

Celebrity Babies and Moms: Victoria Beckham

Yay! Victoria Beckham is pregnant with her fourth child. When Googling for photos, I came across these and I'm pretty sure they have something to do with how it happened:

They don't know the sex yet and may not find out until the baby is born. I would think that with 3 boys, they have at least wondered what it would be like to have a daughter. I'm definitely curious as to what name they will choose for either sex. Their boys have interesting names that don't really point to any specific style: Brooklyn, Cruz, and Romeo.

David Beckham with their 3 sons

Already, there are people trying to cash in on the future Beckham baby. With bets on gender as well as what the name will be, the birth of this child is sure to receive a lot of international attention. The current favorite is Juliet with 4 to 1 odds but I just think that would be strange. Other predictions include Chardonnay, Leytonstone [?], California, and USA in addition to extremely dated more established names like Cheryl, Melanie, and Sharon. I'm not sure if those people know something we don't or if they just like losing money but

Nymbler's suggestions

I personally feel like they might try and match the popularity of Cruz and Romeo and choose a more current name such as Ivy or Sage. Of course, in the same way that Victoria's style has changed from trendy to plainer and more sophisticated over the last few years, they could mix it up and go with a classic like Elizabeth or Alice. My guess for a long-shot is Paloma.

By the way, Posh and Geri [as in Halliwell aka Ginger Spice] both made the list as well. I'm not convinced Victoria wants to be reminded of those days every time she looks at her daughter but who knows?

The Spice Girls

As for boy names, I would be shocked if they chose Edward, Ferguson, or Galaxy but I can actually picture an adorable little Henry Beckham. Out of those listed, I would probably choose Pele Henry but it may be too popular for them.

If I could choose the name, it would be Imogen or Marina for a girl  and Matteo or Luca for a boy. Maybe it will even be twins! In any case, that baby is destined to be gorgeous just like its parents. I guess we'll all have to wait for their announcement.

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