25 October 2011

Real Housewives' Baby Names: Atlanta

This was originally posted in May 2011 and a photo was updated in October.

I already have low expectations for this one... In honor of Nene's voluntary exit from Celebrity Apprentice this week, I thought I'd review the Real Housewives of Atlanta's baby names. I haven't watched every season, so I'm only going to include cast members I am familiar with.
Photo here
Nene Leakes
Sons: Brentt and Brice

I'm really hoping that the entire internet is wrong and that extra T on Brent is a typo. Of course, Nene's soon to be ex-husband is named Greg-with-an-extra-G [he's not her children's father] so maybe it's just something she goes for. Also, what's with Brice? It's like the current trend of substituting a Y for any other vowel except with an I.

I'm also not a fan at all of matchy sibling names and I don't like when siblings have the same first initial. Grade: D- [would have been an F but Nene's hilarious].
Photo here
Kim Zolciak
Daughters: Brielle and Ariana

She's probably going to have her third child any day now [I've lost track but it seems like she's been pregnant forever] so check back for the birth announcement. As for her older daughters' names, they're not as bad as I'd expect from Kim. Ariana is a variant spelling of Arianna, and despite its popularity, is a decent name.

According to Behind the Name, Brielle is a short form of Gabrielle. I'm not a big fan of the overused -elle names and Brielle just sounds trendy to me. Overall, I'd give Kim's choices a C-.
Shereé and her daughter Tierra
Shereé Whitfield
Daughters: Tierra and Kaleigh
Son: Kairo

Yes, that says Kairo, which appears to be a misspelled version of Cairo- Shereé and Mariah Carey definitely need to hang out. Moving on: Kaleigh is as trendy as it gets and I'm not a fan. I wonder how often she has to correct people who spell it Kaylee/ one of the other many spellings. As for Tierra, I'm guessing Sheree was going more for a kewl version of the word tiara than she was thinking about the Spanish word. To be fair, Shereé did have Tierra when she was very young, but that's not an excuse for a bad name. Grade: F.
Kandi and her daughter Riley
 Kandi Burress
Daughter: Riley

I like Kandi even though I don't really understand why she's on the show. She doesn't seem to fit very well with the rest of the cast. Anyway, I'm not a big fan of the whole Riley trend but at least she didn't spell it Ryleigh or something. 

Something I just found out is that after Kandi and her fiancé AJ [who was later murdered] took a break from their relationship, she took custody of two of his daughters. I couldn't find out what their names were [one might be Ashley, after AJ] but I think that is a wonderful thing that a lot of people wouldn't do. 

I give Kandi a B- because I would typically expect a youneekly-spelled baby name from someone named Candy-with-an-I. Riley is a pleasant surprise, even if it's a boy name.
Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida
Son: Ayden Adonis

Oh, Lord, I forgot about Phaedra. If you don't watch, Phaedra told everyone her doctor was going to deliver her baby at 7 months' gestation because he was fully developed [she lied about her due date so people wouldn't know she was pregnant when they got married]. Phaedra is an attorney/ Southern belle who takes herself way too seriously. That's why I'm not surprised at all that her son's name is Ayden [a trendy misspelling of the Irish name Aidan] Adonis [please]. She did breastfeed her son on the show, though, so maybe that means she's not as nuts as she seems. Grade: F.
Photo here
Cynthia Bailey
Daughter: Noelle

Cynthia is one of my favorite non-trainwreck housewives. She also doesn't really mesh with the rest of the cast but she's very pretty and seems like a nice, real person. As for her daughter's name, it's just ok. I'm not a fan of it because I love the masculine name Noel and I think the popularity of Noelle makes parents shy away from Noel for a boy. I give her a C- for effort and for at least spelling the name correctly.

Did you know that Atlanta is the highest-rated series of all the Housewives franchises and the highest-rated reality show on Bravo? I guess I shouldn't be surprised but out of the people I know, New Jersey and Orange County seem to be the most popular.

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