06 May 2011

Real Housewives' Baby Names: New York City

I decided to take one Real Housewives franchise at a time and comment on their children's names. Since it's on right now and is one of my favorites, I'm going to start with New York City.
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Alex McCord and Simon van Kempen
Sons: Francois and Johan

Considering the number of things I hate about Alex and Simon, I'm surprised that their kids' names didn't make that list. While I think they chose French names to fit with the rest of their overly pretentious/ wannabe social-climbing lifestyle, I still think they're great names... if only they lived in France. 

In one of the early episodes, Jill told Alex that the kids [particularly Francois] would be made fun of if he didn't go by a more Americanized nickname like Frank or Frankie [I forget which]. I assumed that New York would have enough international influence to avoid that problem but apparently not. Generally, though, I approve of the names: B+.
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Jill and Bobby Zarin
Daughter: Allyson "Ally"

Allyson is Jill's daughter from a previous marriage but she goes by Ally Zarin. According to Behind the Name, Allyson is a legitimate variant of Allison [a male name]. While I don't mind Allison in theory, I don't think I would use a -son name for my daughter. It didn't bother me until recently and the more I hear it, the less I approve.

I also really dislike the nickname Ally/ Allie. If you're going to use the name, go with Allison and call her that. Grade: D-.
The 2009 Astaire Awards: LuAnn de Lesseps with her children, Noel and Victoria
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Countess LuAnn de Lesseps
Son: Noel
Daughter: Victoria

I love LuAnn's children's names. Unlike Alex, LuAnn actually had much more of a reason to choose traditional French names: her ex-husband is a French Count from a prominent family and she's of French descent as well. She opted for English names, though, and they seem to fit her kids well.

I wish more people realized that Noel is a boy name and I'm so glad Victoria doesn't go by Tori or Vicky. I give LuAnn an A.
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 Ramona and Mario Singer
Daughter: Avery

While Avery has officially crossed over and become a girl name, it still sounds a little to masculine to me. It's a great name, though, but way too trendy for my taste. I do think Avery Singer has a nice flow to it, so I give it a C.
"Real Housewives of New York" star Kelly Killoren Bensimon and daughters Sea (brown hat) and Thaddeus (pink hat) raise money for the Animal Haven, SoHo, with some home-made goodies.
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Kelly Killoren Bensimon
Daughters: Sea and Thaddeus "Teddy"

Here's another example of someone who was married to a Frenchman [photographer Gilles Bensimon] yet chose not to go with French names for her kids. While I can't say that I hate Sea [I feel a sort of allegiance to water names because of Bay], it is kind of awkward to say and certainly doesn't sound like a sister for Thaddeus.

Speaking of Thaddeus, that's also a male name. I think it's awesome, though, and I love the nickname Teddy. I actually have Theodora at the top of my list for the next girl and plan to call her Teddy. Who knew I had so much in common with Kelly? In any case, I feel torn because on the one hand, the names don't go together. On the other hand, I can appreciate both because they're so similar to Bay's and my nonexistent future child's name. I'll give her a C+ [points deducted for sibling name discord].
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Cindy Barshop
Daughters: Zoe and Jesse

I honestly hate these names. One is feminine, one is masculine, and they don't sound like siblings at all. Some sites have the spelling listed as Jessie but either way, I just don't get that at all. It reminds me of Uncle Jesse and it's so 80s. Zoe's a real name but it's way overdone. Grade: F.
Bethenny Frankel and Bryn Hoppy - Bethenny Frankel And Family Out For An Early Dinner In Tribeca
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Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy
Daughter: Bryn

She's no longer on RHONY but I thought I'd include her anyway. Brian was the name of Jason's brother who died in a car accident. Apparently a nickname of his was Bryn [it's an actual masculine Welsh name] so they named their daughter that to honor him. Her middle name is Casey, though, which I don't understand or like. I'll give them a D+ [points added for honoring a family member and deducted because I don't like either name].
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It's a mystery: I can't find anything online that says what Sonja Morgan's daughter's name is. Weird!

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