23 October 2011

Rumored Celebrity Pregnancies: Jessica Simpson

Over the past month or so, tabloids have been going crazy over Jessica Simpson's apparent pregnancy. It's not the first time but it might be for real. She and her fiancé Eric Johnson have made no statements either confirming or denying a pregnancy, which makes it seem all the more likely.
Then there are pictures like this:
Jessica Simpson: New Photos Fuel Pregnancy Rumors | Jessica Simpson
 There are rumors that they will be married in Hawaii on November 11th [11/11/2011] and that she is having a girl. I also read that she is considering the names Morgan and Karen, which I seriously hope is untrue. No offense if you're considering those names but there are so many great girl names and I would never use an -n ending with Johnson.

In any case, I haven't been this excited about a new celebrity baby since Angelina's twins were born so I hope it's true!

Edited 10/25/11 to add photos.

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