10 August 2011

Back from Vacation!

Now that we're back from vacation, I plan to resume posting. We were in South Carolina staying with my in-laws and before that we were in the Northwestern US and Canada. Here is a little bit of what Bay was up to on our most recent trip [sorry for the poor quality iPhone photos].

Our dogs were a little sad the morning we left,
but Bay was happy and ready to go.
She was great on both of our flights
 even though we waited on one runway [without air conditioning] for over an hour.
When we got there, I put Bay in the crib while I unpacked
but she wasn't a fan of "baby jail" so I let her out.
 She had a lot of fun at her Grammy and Popeye's house,
got to swim in their pool,
 and ate sand went to the beach for the first time.
 She went in the chapel where S and I got married,
 tried to eat a golf ball,
and even warmed up to the crib some.
She also started pulling up and standing all. the. time.
She went to the beach some more,
slept in,
 and got a hug from her new best friend, Casey.
She went to a lot of new restaurants,
 got sleepy,
 and took dinnertime naps [but not before eating a tasty lemon].
She smiled at mom,
napped in the Ergo,
ate celery,
and saw a huge heron in the back yard.
She faced off with an alligator for a few dollars.
 She got several new outfits, one of which came with a bonnet.
She decided it wasn't a good look for her.
Last but not least, Bay learned to wave!


  1. Those are such cute pictures!! She is beautiful, looks like y'all had a great time! :)

  2. I just found your blog and I might already be addicted! Love it! And Bay is adorable!!!!

  3. She is incredibly adorable!!! Looks like a fun vacay!! Where in Canada were you??? I'm from the East Coast!

  4. Thank you all! Mrs. W, we were in Vancouver. S and I went to Portland/ Seattle/ Vancouver 2 years ago and loved it so we went back with Bay. Canada is so ridiculously baby-friendly!

  5. Your daughter is beautiful!
    I have a little girl named Bay too, she is nearly 7months old

  6. Thank you so much! Yours is the first Bay I've heard of since ours was born. I just tracked down your 6 Month Old post- your Bay is so pretty, too! It's nice to hear about other little Bays in the world :)

  7. It looks like they have the same amount of hair, too.