12 July 2011

Celebrity Birth Announcement: Jewel

This week is already full of new celebrity babies! Jewel and husband Ty Murray welcomed their son, Kase Townes, last night in Texas. While I think all babies should be celebrated, I can't say the same about baby names.

First, Jewel and Ty clearly disregarded my "don't combine word names" and "don't make up your own spelling" rules of baby naming. As expected Case is a very cowboy-esque name: It's short and casual-sounding with a fairly masculine feel.
Case is also pretty low on the SSA chart, only ranking #713 last year. So why did they choose to scrap that spelling in favor of the ridiculously overused K? One possibility is that the name Kase, or more specifically the letter K holds some sort of meaning to them. 

My guess is that, like many parents who make up spellings for their children's names, they felt that Case wasn't youneek enough for their baby and wanted to change it up a bit to make it more 'special' for him. If that's the reason, they might be disappointed to find out that [according to Nancy's list] the parents of 81 boys had the same idea in 2010.

I assume Townes is a family name and I actually kind of like it, especially in the middle spot. I'm not a fan of the 2 single-syllable names together, though, it throws off the flow of the name.

In any event, congratulations to them!

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