10 July 2011

Celebrity Birth Announcement: Kate Hudson

As if there wasn't enough excitement in the tabloids this weekend about Victoria Beckham's baby, Kate Hudson also gave birth! She delivered a "healthy baby boy" Saturday night.
Matthew Bellamy, Kate Hudson Deciding on Name for Newborn | Kate Hudson
His name has yet to be released but I'll update when I find out what it is. I'm curious to find out if his name fits with older brother Ryder's name or if Kate's naming style has changed over the past 7 years since she first became a mother. 

In any case, congratulations to her and fiancé Matthew Bellamy!

Update: They are [according to People] still deciding on the name. The article also states that Kate gave birth naturally [a VBAC, apparently, as she is reported to have had a C-section with Ryder]. Yay! I can only hope it becomes a huge Hollywood trend and influences non-celebrities to consider natural birth as well.

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