10 July 2011

Celebrity Birth Announcement: Victoria Beckham

Congratulations to the Beckhams! Victoria and David Beckham welcomed their fourth child and first daughter early this morning. 
Recent photo of Victoria taken by David
No name has been released yet, so I'll update when it is confirmed. I'm interested to find out if the rumors are true and they named her Atlanta or if they went with something completely unexpected.

Update: I got a Facebook alert earlier that said the baby's name is Harper Seven Beckham- I was shocked! Seven was David's number when he played soccer [aka 'football'] for England so I'm guessing that is the inspiration for her middle name [trying a little too hard for my taste but at least it has meaning].

Overall, though, I have to say I'm disappointed. I was definitely looking forward to another unusual celebrity baby name.

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  1. I just read on UsWeekly that she was named "Harper Seven". I didn't see Harper coming!

  2. Kelsey, I couldn't believe it! We were at our friends' house and after I saw that, I couldn't wait to get home to update. I'm surprised to say the least.

    I guess 'Atlanta' was just to throw people off or something.

  3. I kind of wish it was Atlanta, ha! I think Harper is overdone lately (in the non-celebrity world). Or maybe I've just been spending too much time on The Bump! ;)

  4. I agree! I was looking forward to seeing if Atlanta caught on. Harper is currently #119 and wasn't even in the top 1000 until 2004 so it's definitely jumped up quickly.