14 July 2011

Kate Hudson Reveals Her New Son's Name

Welcome, Bingham Hawn Bellamy! Kate Hudson and Matthew Bellamy's new son will be nicknamed Bing. While I like the name Bingham in theory and I love Hawn in the middle, I'm not sold on Bing. Now that I think about it, Hawn Bellamy would have been a nice name.
Bing Bellamy and his older brother Ryder Robinson might have totally different name styles and surnames but they both exhibit their mother's apparent affinity for alliteration. It's not my thing but it's nice to see a common thread in both of the boys' names.

The article also mentions that Kate pushed for 4.5 hours before he was born! Holy shit. I can't even imagine that and I completely admire her for doing it naturally. Way to go, Kate!

Update: Matt Bellamy explained in a tweet earlier that Bing's name is a family name for both him and Kate. While it's still not my favorite name, I love that they used family names and put a lot of thought into it.
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