20 April 2011

Kate Hudson, Tina Fey, and Maternal Age

I just came across this article where Kate Hudson [who's pregnant with her second child at 32] discusses having a baby now compared with age 24 when she gave birth to her son Ryder. Here are some excerpts:

“When I had Ryder... I didn’t feel like I was having a baby young... to me it just felt normal.” She later noticed how young she really was compared with her friends who had children later in life or were still waiting to start families. “As I started getting older, as he started getting older and I was 28, 29, I was like, ‘Wow. I’m a young mom.’ It started hitting me.”
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She now appreciates that she had Ryder when she did, saying “I’m so happy that I had a child so young. He is my buddy... I have a lot of girlfriends who are in their thirties, haven’t been married and don’t have a kid, and it’s difficult for them because they really want a family.”

 For an older mother's perspective, Tina Fey was on Ellen yesterday discussing her "advanced maternal age" and pregnancy at age 40. Her daughter Alice is 5 so her first pregnancy in her mid-thirties was probably considered old to a lot of women.

She said "I've been lucky. Pretty easy pregnancies both times. But it's funny because now I'm oldie, olderson... They treat me very gingerly." Maybe it's because of her character on 30 Rock or all of the other things she is involved in, but Tina doesn't seem old to me.
US Weekly article here
 Tina recently spoke about how her daughter Alice is the only child in her class without a sibling. She thought that it wouldn't be an issue raising a child in New York, but she was still "stricken with guilt" over it, especially when Alice would mention having a baby sister.

I personally was 23 when I had Bay but I didn't feel very young at all, I think because I had prepared to be a mom for such a long time. I also know lots of women who didn't have kids until their 30s who seem a lot younger than I do because they're very active. I think it all depends upon your lifestyle and obviously the most important thing is being prepared, no matter what age you are.

Do you consider a certain age too young or too old to have/ adopt children? Do you have an ideal age in mind? If you are a mom, do you feel like you had your child[ren] at a good age?


  1. 23 is my ideal age, I knew I wanted to have a baby at that age even before I met my husband, and luckily we me and got married to make it a (slim) possibility. I'm 22 now, and I'm hoping if 23 is too soon, I at least won't be too far into 24. None of my friends are engaged or married, so they mostly think I'm crazy lol

  2. i got pregnant almost a month after i turned 23 and i felt like it was definitely time. most of my friends my age are not married so they're not thinking about kids for a while, but i do have several friends who are older [and a couple of them who are younger] with kids so hopefully when you have your baby, you'll have plenty of other moms to hang out with.