17 May 2011

Random Baby-related Observations

Victoria Beckham still barely looks pregnant:
PRECIOUS CARGO   photo | Victoria Beckham
MELLOW YELLOW photo | Tori Spelling
Katie Holmes claims she is not pregnant [click here for the photo of her mysterious bump]. 
Katie Holmes Is Not Pregnant, Says Rep | Katie Holmes, Suri Cruise
Seraphina Affleck is 2 years old?!
SNUGGLE BUDDIES photo | Jennifer Garner
Kelsey Grammer is trying to get full custody of his two children with Camille.
Photo here
And of course, there is that whole thing about Arnold Swarzenegger's 10-year-old son with his former housekeeper that everyone [including Maria Shriver] just found out about. TMZ posted a couple of photos and even though they've blurred out the kid's face, it definitely looks like he shares some of Arnold's facial features:

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