25 March 2011

10 Days Left to Help Dogs and Cats for Free

Unable to donate or volunteer at a shelter? Can't foster or adopt but still want to help animals? For every new fan for the next 10 days, Castor and Pollux will donate meals to to dogs and cats affected by the disaster in Japan. All you have to do is like their facebook page.

Our 3 handsome boys: Remus, Ralph, and Bowie
I know about Castor and Pollux because we feed their food to our dogs but I only recently [last year sometime] realized all they do to help animals in need. Please help, all it takes is one click!
Remus and Bowie. See why we have no grass?
For another free way to help protect your own pets [or those of someone you know], click here to order your free Pet Safety Pack from the ASPCA. It includes a window cling decal that indicates what pets you have inside in case of a fire. You also get a magnet with the phone number for the Animal Poison Control Center.
Ralphie, 3-4 months old, right after he came to live with us
Today is [our best guess at] our Great Pyrenees Ralphie's 2nd birthday! We love him so much and are so happy to have found him. He walked up to our friends' house while we were there for a baby shower. We weren't able to find his owners and think he was dumped at the park down the street. 
 Our German Shepherd, Bowie, had been through a rescue and several homes before I got him. Remus, our yellow Lab, was bought from a breeder by S before we were together. We of course love Remus no matter what but now my husband is the first one to encourage others to adopt instead of buy pets.
Our big [and biggest] boy now, well over 100 pounds
If you're interested in a pet of any kind, please check out PetFinder or a local shelter and consider adoption. It's cheap or even free and you are literally saving a life!

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