17 March 2011

WTF: Suri Cruise

Adorable Suri Cruise will turn 5 years old next month. You wouldn't guess it from recent pictures showing her with a pacifier in her mouth, though.
Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise
 Or this one, taken last April, which shows her drinking from a bottle:
Suri Cruise Brings Her Bottle On Set
photo from celebrity baby scoop
Some tabloids have claimed that parents Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are babying her too much. Well, clearly that's not the case anymore, seeing as how Katie gives Suri PENIS GUMMIES as a snack. Seriously?!
photo from tmz

I'm not one to use words like "heck" and "darn" just because I'm a mom or even demonize alcohol in front of children but this makes me a little uncomfortable.


  1. wow. this is all a bit much.
    the pacifier and bottle gross me out.
    and the penis gummies I have no comment to.