28 March 2011

My Current Wishlist: Oscar & Belle on Sale

Something I can't stand is finding an adorable outfit that I must have for Bay and then seeing "the requested quantity is not available" when I try to add it to my cart. Why the F is it still on the website if the quantity one isn't an option? I'm convinced retailers do it so you'll keep checking back in hopes that they've restocked it [which I always do] and you just end up buying something else instead. The moral of the story is if you see something you really want [especially if it's on sale], it's smart to buy it right then.
This happens to me at least once a week!
Anyway here are some cute clothes that actually are in stock that I either already bought for Bay or almost did. In any case, they're on sale and cute and someone's baby needs to have them. I really like this website, Pure and Little, that sells all organic baby and kid stuff [and the one I always keep going back to even though they sell out of cute things before I get to buy them]. Oscar & Belle is just one of the great brands they carry:
Here's a closeup view of the footie patterns
This green color is, of course, not available but here's a photo on an actual child, which always helps when ordering online:
Happy shopping!

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