31 May 2011

Favorite Baby Items: Stokke Tripp Trapp

I lusted over this highchair [high chair?] baby holder for a while and we finally got it a few weeks ago! S's parents wanted to buy it for Bay so we waited until they were in town. I wasn't sure if she would like a high chair because the few times we'd tried it, she would only stay in it for a minute or two before she wanted out.
The current Tripp Trapp color range
We practiced a few times when we were out to dinner during the week that my in-laws were here and I discovered that as long as Bay had something to chew on/ eat/ play with, she actually enjoyed having her own little seat.
We ended up with the grey and while I like it, I still wish they hadn't discontinued the whitewash [only in the US, too!] because that would have fit better with our existing furniture.
Obviously Bay likes her chair, too:

In case you don't know, the awesome thing about the Tripp Trapp [which was originally created in 1972 in Norway] is that it grows with the child so it can be used indefinitely. It can be adjusted as the child grows and can even hold a 300-pound adult! I'm hoping that none of my children will ever weigh that much but if they do, at least I won't have to buy new chairs.

Another feature of the Tripp Trapp that many other highchairs don't have is that it slides right up to the table, instead of having its own tray. It allows the baby to eat at the table with the whole family and feel included. I did find this tray on Amazon, though, which would be handy if you don't have enough room at the table, if it's too high, etc.
PlayTray for Stokke Tripp Trapp
PlayTray available here
The plastic thing that we have on Bay's chair right now is called the Baby Set [available separately] that we will use until she's about 18 months old. After that, she will just use the harness and then nothing at all. Note: According to the Amazon reviews, you don't need the Baby Set if you use the tray [I don't even think you can use them together but I'm not entirely sure].
Stokke Tripp Trapp Cushion
Cushion available here
There is also a cushion that comes in several prints and fabrics [I prefer the linen] but I opted against that because I had heard that they just got dirty and were too much of a hassle to deal with. Bay also doesn't seem to mind sitting on the wooden seat.


  1. I've always had to stop and think about this high chair. I like the concept but the design I'm not super crazy about (other than those awesome colors!). I like this one, maybe a little more?? I don't know. I have time to decide I guess haha.

  2. I've seen the Svan one, it looks like it would be hard to assemble for some reason! This Bloom one is really awesome if you want something contemporary: