20 May 2011

Jessica Alba Practices Hypnobirthing

As if I didn't have enough reasons to love Jessica Alba, I just saw on People's site that she was talking about Hypnobirthing on Ellen, which will air today.

I listened to the Hypnobirthing Audio toward the end of my pregnancy and it definitely helped me to relax. Looking back, I wish I had practiced it more [and read the entire book] and had S involved as I think it could have helped me be more calm/ less loud during my very fast labor [just over 2 hours from beginning to baby].
I love when celebrities talk about natural birth, not that it usually grabs many headlines. I hope that with Gisele, Miranda Kerr, and others who have successfully delivered naturally, over time our society will stop fearing the process. It shouldn't be a given that childbirth involves drugs or surgery [in my opinion, those things should be rare and used only when necessary].

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