19 May 2011

Niki Taylor is Expecting Her 4th Child

I've always thought Niki Taylor was gorgeous but when I saw her on the most recent season of Celebrity Apprentice, I couldn't help but notice what a nice person she is. 

She was very sweet to everyone, her whole team liked her, and I got the impression that she's a wonderful mother. Already a mom to 16-year-old twin sons Hunter and Jake and 2-year-old daughter Ciel, she recently announced that she is pregnant with a fourth child, due this November.
Niki Taylor Expecting Her Fourth Child | Niki Taylor
Photo and article here

With the wide age difference, I'm guessing Ciel is more her style now than Hunter and Jake. Based on the fact that Ciel means 'sky' in French, I would assume they'd choose something else either French [maybe Fleur?] or nature-inspired. Here are some nature name suggestions:

Wren [I'm not a fan but a lot of people like it]
Nova [in keeping with the sky theme]
Iris [in case she wants to jump on the botanical name trend]
Luna [also sky-related]
Niki Taylor
Ash [on its own or short for Asher]
Bay [I've seen this on boy lists before]

Those are by no means names that I would have on my list, just those that I think might fit with their daughter's name.

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