07 May 2011

My Current Wishlist: Colorful Animal Planters

I nearly always stay away from plastic and bright colors but as soon as I came across these on Etsy, I decided I had to make an exception. These little planters are made from repurposed plastic toys, then painted and sealed [I'm checking with them about the type of paint and sealant]. They then come to you with plants already growing! All you have to do is water at least once a week and keep in a sunny spot. I think these would be great for teaching kids how to take care of plants- how fun!

There are several different types, but here are some of my favorites:
Penelope the Hippopotamus Planter & Succulent
Penelope the Hippopotamus
Lester the Lion Planter & Succulent
Lester the Lion
Rick the Dilophosaurus Planter & Succulent
Rick the Dilophosaurus
Monty the Pachycephalosaurus Planter & Succulent
Monty the Pachycephalosaurus
Sara the Giraffe Planter & Succulent
Sara the Giraffe
Randall the Allosaurus Planter & Succulent
Randall the Allosaurus
Zach the Triceratops Planter & Succulent
Zach the Triceratops
Beatrice the Apatosaurus Planter & Succulent
Beatrice the Apatosaurus
PlaidPigeon also offers a 12-pack of assorted planters [currently $200 with free shipping], which I think would make awesome party decorations/ favors or holiday gifts for several kids.

I've actually been trying to decide on favors for Bay's 1st birthday party and if I limit the guest list and keep everything else simple, a custom batch of pastel-colored animal planters is at the top of my list.

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