20 May 2011

Shayne Lamas is Pregnant

I feel like an idiot- how could I have missed this? I absolutely LOVE Shayne Lamas. I watched her on the Bachelor first and then on her own reality show Leave it to Lamas [oh yeah, and that Dr. Phil episode about The Dirty]. She seems like such a nice girl and never has anything bad to say about anyone.
Shayne Lamas celebrates Her 24th Birthday At Coyote Ugly Saloon in Las Vegas - 11/6/09 24
Anyway, I'm sending a big congratulations to Shayne and her husband Nik Richie. I can't wait to hear what they are having [if they find out] and what name they choose! I can't even venture a guess on names at this point.
Shayne Lamas Nik Richie bikini wedding cabo san lucas beach
Shayne and Nik

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