12 April 2011

Celebrity Babies and Moms: Tori Spelling

Tori, Stella, Liam and Dean
Their current family of four [not including pets]
Tori Spelling and husband Dean McDermott just announced that they're expecting a little brother or sister for Stella and Liam. Liam just turned 4 years old last month and Stella will be 3 this summer. I wonder what name they'll choose for the new baby. Stella's middle name is Doreen and Liam's is Aaron. I assume Doreen is a family name like Aaron, the name of Tori's late father.

Nymbler suggests Ruby and Mia for a girl and a random assortment of boy names. To go with Liam, I don't foresee a choice as Irish as Seamus or Killian but I think Callum McDermott would be cute.
Photo here
In case you're out of the loop like me and didn't know the entire backstory of how Tori and Dean got together, I just found this on Wikipedia:

McDermott was born in Toronto, Ontario. He married fellow Canadian and TV presenter/chef Mary Jo Eustace in July 1993. Their son Jack was born on October 10, 1998. In July 2005 they adopted a newborn daughter, Lola.
Later in July 2005, McDermott began filming the Lifetime TV movie Mind Over Murder with Tori Spelling. The two began an affair the night they first met, despite both being married. In September Spelling separated from her husband Charlie Shanian. While on a family vacation in Palm Springs, California, McDermott told Eustace "I'm leaving you, not my kids", and filed for divorce from his wife of 12 years. On December 24, 2005 McDermott and Spelling became engaged. In February 2006 McDermott/Eustace's divorce was final; and in April 2006 Spelling/Shanian's divorce was final. McDermott has joint custody of his son only, opting to not move forward with the adoption of his daughter.
Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling
Photo here
I knew some people didn't like them but sheesh! Going through the process of adopting a child and just giving up at the end and leaving your family for a married woman? That's a really shitty thing to do. Also, why are Tori and LeAnn Rimes not BFFs?


  1. I thought she was pregnant, but couldn't find it confirmed anywhere. I watch their show but had no clue about their background. Wow.

  2. Callum is great. Their show is a guilty pleasure, but their story does give me pause.

  3. Honestly, we all make mistakes in life---we hurt other people and we have poor judgment---but I just can't hate her---I love her and her books have been really enjoyable for me because her and I have a very similar personality and similar turbulent relationships with our mothers.

    I think anytime someone cheats, it's bad---but at least their cheating wasn't just sleeping together and going on with their separate lives---I think that kind of cheating is much worse. What they did was VERY wrong, but they both told their spouses, got divorces and they have a family now where they are good parents to their children and good people in general.

    and yes, she is pregnant--she announced it on twitter!

  4. i agree that it's much worse to have a secret affair while carrying on with your family. i also think that there is no reason to stay in a relationship that isn't healthy.

    for me, the worst part of it is the fact that he just left that little girl and decided he didn't want to be her father. i think that's horrible.

  5. Having an affair is wrong no matter the circumstances. I definitely agree about the adoption issue. Terrible.