06 April 2011

Like My Photo So Bay Can Win a Diaper!

Nurture Baby Naturally [the parent company of Granola Babies and Piece of Cloth] has a cloth diaper photo contest right now and the prize is a free one-size diaper from their store. I would really appreciate it if anyone would just click here to go to their Facebook page and 'Like' my photo of Bay [you might have to like their page first, I'm not sure]. 

Anyway, the photo with the most likes wins. The picture looks like this:
I wish I'd thought about it more and submitted a better one but she just got that new Imse Vimse cover today so I wanted to get a picture of her in it.

Thank you so much to anyone who votes and of course your baby could win a diaper if you want to submit a photo. The contest ends tomorrow, April 7. Thanks again!

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