15 April 2011

Kid Things You Won't Want to Hide in a Closet

I was searching Etsy for a hopscotch mat [found it!] and came across some other awesome things for kids. They're also a refreshing change from all of the annoying, battery-operated crap most retailers try to force on parents. These items are so adorable and fun, I will let the photos speak for themselves:
Hopscotch Mat
Hopscotch Mat by CoolSpacesForKids
Bay has these Twig Colored Pencils from Anthropologie
Ships and Maps
Teepee by Littlebyjenny
Tablecloth Play House
Tablecloth Play House by CoolSpacesForKids
I love these fabric-covered classic books at Anthropologie
Chunky Heart Conversation Scribblers -Set of (7) 2nd Chance Crayons
Conversation heart crayons by JugieBeeCrayons
Imaginative play and creativity are so important for children's development that I think it's imperative to encourage it with the right atmosphere at home.

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