05 April 2011

Natural Remedies: Camilia Teething Relief

I didn't expect this homeopathic teething liquid to be very effective, but I thought I'd try it before resorting to something with benzocaine or other controversial ingredients.
From Boiron USA
I am seriously amazed at how well it works! I don't have to give it to Bay very often but when I do, the first dose is all it takes. The instructions say you can repeat it up to 2  more times [for a total of 3 doses] if you wait at least 15 minutes between each dose.

The ingredients and their purposes:

Purified water

Chamomilla vulgaris [German chamomile] 
According to Boiron, it "relieves teething pains accompanied by irritability"

 Phytolacca decandra [Poke root]
 "Relieves painful gums"

Rheum officinale [a type of rhubarb]
 "Relieves minor digestive disorder associated with teething"
Wikipedia also mentions that" In modern medicine, R. officinale has been found to be useful in treatment of Hepatitis B."

The top of each single-dose plastic vial twists off and you just squeeze the small amount of liquid into the baby's mouth. Bay usually spits out flavored things because she doesn't like it but she doesn't mind Camilia at all. As I always do before giving something to her, I've tried it and can attest that there is no noticeable taste at all.
I keep it in a small pouch next to the co-sleeper in our room


  1. That is very helpful to know. I ordered some after reading reviews online a few weeks ago. We haven't needed to use it yet but I think we are nearing teething so I am glad to know it has worked well for Bay!

  2. I am always skeptical and it really has helped a lot around here. I went to buy more recently at Whole Foods and they were out- the girl said everyone tells her it's the best and that they can't keep it on the shelf very long. I hope it works as well for you as it has for us :)