21 April 2011

Celebrity Birth Announcement: Jane Krakowski

30 Rock* actress Jane Krakowski gave birth to her first child last Wednesday! It's a boy and his name is Bennett Robert Godley. The father [and apparently the inspiration for Bennett's middle name] is her fiance, Psycho Bunny [am I supposed to know what that is?] designer Robert Godley.
Photo here
I was actually shocked to find out that Jane is 42 years old. For some reason, I didn't think of her as being in her forties. In any case, I love the name Bennett [though it's gotten really popular in recent years] and am happy to see a traditional, inherited middle name.
Jane and Robert
*If you don't watch 30 Rock [NBC on Thursday nights], you've got to tune in. It's one of the funniest shows on television -unless you happen to be my mom who "doesn't understand the humor"- and it's definitely worth your time.

In completely non-baby news, Adam Lambert currently looks like this:
Adam Lambert Sister Act Beard 02 2011 04 21
Photo here
It's supposedly for his part in Sister Act [now on Broadway]. Either way, I'm not feeling it and am actually a little frightened by those eyebrows.

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